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Who doesn’t love a good Sunday?! I guess we all do! The feeling of being able to rest a bit after a long week, maybe even spoil ourselves with a cheat meal and spend some quality time with our beloved ones and recharge a bit for the upcoming week!

This or the other, we all have our little Sunday rituals that we look forward to. Relaxation sure is part of a good weekend, but let’s not underestimate the power of PREPARATION

While you have probably already set your goals for the year, don’t forget to set your goals for the month – and of course for the week! Long-term goals are only the bigger picture, but remember to never underestimate small steps and small goals. It’s the right plan that will get you to your destination! And the right plan comes with a good schedule! In other words, quoting my mentor: Show me your agenda and I will tell you your future!

One of the first things I do every Sunday, is setting my goals for the upcoming week. My work goals and my personal goals. This can be anything from creating a new Fitness Challenge to donating clothes. It makes it easier to stay on track with everything since I have an overview of what I need to accomplish. Another Sunday must for me is meal prepping! This way I don’t have to worry about spending too much time in the kitchen on my busy days and I won’t be tempted to cheat on my diet since I already have prepped food in the fridge!

Once I’m done with all this, I spend the rest of my day recharging and relaxing; either with my beloved ones or enjoying some me-time doing whatever makes me feel good! This is when I will most likely enjoy my well-earned weekly cheat meal (no regrets!) and by the time I sit down, I feel great about what has been done and what’s about to come! It’s the little things that make us successful. Small steps in the right direction.

This is your story and you are the only writer. So? What would you like the very next chapter to look like?!

You got this, girl!