Anna Kay first hit the sports industry at the age of 5, when her parents got her into taking swimming classes. She pursuit her interest by earning awards and placements for about 7 years.

Later on in her teenage life, she decided to join the dance school for contemporary/modern dance, and she dedicated consecutive years to stage performance.

In the past few years, she turned her undeniable love for the Beauty and Fitness scene into her career. She is devoted to her journey as well as to inspiring others to improve their lifestyle and becoming the best version of themselves.

Today, Anna Kay represents body positivity and self love and she is here to empower others through her Fitness programs and Coaching sessions. She offers professional and unparalleled service and inspiration to every individual and guides them through their journey. The female entrepreneur has made it her life purpose to accompany women on their way to success and help them flourish inside and out.

Plant Based Nutrition Specialist
Booty Building Expert

“Our health is an ongoing commitment with way more than just one destination. The trick is to fall in love with every state of it and enjoy growing and aiming for better and better, while becoming your own body goals. Let’s get to work!”

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