by Nov 23, 2020Blog6 comments

Ever heard the term Monday Motivation? I’m sure you have. It’s this extra energy burst we get after the weekend, when we are ready to crash our weekly goals! All rested and with our eyes on the prize! What happens on Tuesday though? Are we still motivated? In fact, can we rely on motivation?!

A lot of people assume that sticking to a fitness routine requires constant motivation. That would mean that we wake up every morning with the same excitement and energy. Well, unfortunately this is not the case. We are all human beings dealing with life on a daily basis; some days we feel happy and some days we feel low. Some mornings we wake up full of energy feeling unstoppable and other days we would rather ignore our alarm and stay in bed. Nobody could possibly be motivated every single day. Would you let this feeling stop you from achieving your goals though? I hope not!

So what do we do when we don’t feel like going to the gym?! It’s simple: we get up and go! We forget about motivation and start relying on discipline. If you were there on Monday, you probably had a reason. And for the same reason, you will be there on Tuesday or any other day. Put on your favorite gym outfit, play your favorite album and go! Be disciplined enough to ignore any negative thoughts and focus on nothing but your goals!
Now, does this mean missing a workout every once in a while will lead to failure? Absolutely not. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do every day – not our exceptions. Consistency leads to habits and habits lead to actions. Nobody is born with a winner mindset. We have to create this for ourselves. We train ourselves into adopting the right habits that will lead to success. Be disciplined enough to be consistent and consistent enough to be successful!

So, what day is today? Oh.. it doesn’t matter! Let’s get it anyways, girls!